Welcome to draknor.net!

This is the personal web site for myself (Dan Williams) where I cover my professional and personal computer development work, or anything else which might interest me. For more information about me, my current work and projects, take a look here.

Site Updates


Added Dagger and Sword packages for older devices (StrongArm processor based devices) running Familiar or OpenZaurus on the Dagger project page. Let me know if you have problems using any of the binary packages.


Released Dagger v0.9.3, which fixes support for foreign language texts. Also added source and binary packages downloads on the Dagger project page. Enjoy!


Added new page for my new project, called Parcel. Parcel is a next-generation package management system designed to address the short comings of ipkg. Right now, am in the preliminary design phase. Check out the Parcel project page for more information.


Released Dagger v0.9.2, which now supports Sword v1.5.8 as well as has several bug fixes. Download links for both source code and binary packages coming soon! Visit the Dagger project page for more information.

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